Margaret McMillan

mgtbiopicHello, and thank you for reading my page. I was born and raised in Glasgow where I first trained as a pharmacy technician and then as a biomedical scientist, studying part time at Glasgow Caledonian University whilst working in one of the city’s major hospitals, where I met my husband.

Life was anything but easy as he suffered from bipolar disorder and often ran on a very short fuse. The fact that I had suffered from anxiety and depression from an early age and was painfully shy did not help matters. Sadly, after almost ten years of marriage, I simply couldn’t take anymore and left him for the sake of my sanity. My mental and physical health were in a terrible state and, not to put too fine a point on it, I was suicidal.

After intensive therapy from various sources, I left my job of sixteen years and made the previously unthinkable transition into becoming a locum and travelling around the U.K. and Ireland taking on contract work. This gave me a sense of freedom and confidence that I had never enjoyed before and opened up the world (literally!) of foreign travel to me.

Travel has become a huge part of my life and I’m always off on adventures, although my continued ill health means that I always seem to be either coming down with or recovering from some malady or other (not that I let it stop me). I’m extremely accident prone and clumsy which doesn’t help matters, but I have a wicked sense of humour that gets me through the hard times and is a great tool for life in general.

My writing started as a form of therapy. I have always loved a good story (something I inherited from my mum), and found that writing about my mishaps and experiences helped me a great deal, as well as being rather entertaining.

Taking early retirement gave me the opportunity to concentrate on my little adventures and indeed, on writing about them. Life still throws a fair amount of challenges and stress my way, but you just have to deal with it and get on with things, don’t you?

Music is another passion of mine, especially music from the seventies. I am a strange hybrid of disco diva and rock chick!

I also love photography, especially when I’m on my travels, and I take several thousand photographs on every trip, doing my best to capture and immortalise the architecture, landscapes, seascapes and natural wonders of the places I visit.

I currently live just outside Glasgow with my brother James and two African Grey parrots.