More Micks Than Dicks

White, a complete and utter Beckett head, has been invited to participate at a conference held by the prestigious Beckett Association of Ireland. His subject is the appearance of Heraclitus in Comment C’est, Beckett’s final great novel in French. On his way to the conference he stops off at The Palace Bar to pay homage to the sage of Foxrock. It is the first step in White’s descent into complete oblivion.

Using prose fiction, academic composition and a series of short poem cycles, evoking myth both ancient and modern, O’ Neill, among other things, examines notions of nationality and the appropriation of cultural figures by certain institutions for their own advancement, not necessarily the subject’s. Borrowing from punk, early European surrealism and the great Irish satirical comic tradition More Micks Than Dicks is a violent assault on intellectual complacency and political correctness. Mixing genre and content with equal ease, ranging from phenomenology to pre-Platonic philosophy, this small book reveals its author as a totally unique figure in contemporary literature.