Rosemary Morris

Famous Seamus are delighted to announce the signing of Rosemary Morris. Rosemary was on old school London gangster’s moll, and her memoirs; ‘A Fatal Beauty’, rival any British crime fiction. We can’t wait to set this real life literary bombshell loose on all those unwitting Martina Cole readers out there.
About me…… I was born shortly before Christmas in the once rural village of Bexley. Our front room was furnished and carpeted by Harrods and we always had a car at our disposal. Dad was in the transport business, while mum stayed at home and looked after my three brothers and myself. She was a loving, stable influence in our lives. I attended a private preparatory school until I was seven, and thereafter, spent several years at Stoneyhurst Convent, a private school for girls.

With the advent of WW2, we sought safety in North Wales, where I became a pupil at Maenan Manor, an exclusive boarding school. Here, I excelled at art, elocution and English language.

I Iove nature, especially flowers, sunshine etc, and I have a talent for watercolour painting. Ideally, I would live in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, where deer, rabbits, and other animals run free. By default, I am blessed with four wonderful daughters, which is nothing short of a miracle, being that their father was a sociopath, with whom I spent thirteen years of my life! But I’ve been loved passionately by several men, and my life has been shaped and defined by them.

Having been married twice in later life, I now have twenty years of marital bliss under my belt. I neither act, nor look, my age. I’m a happy person with much to be thankful for. Nowadays, I live in the Cathedral city of Chichester. Outwardly, I’m a prime example of middle-class respectability, but it wasn’t always that way….…