Russell Scott



Russell Scott is a freelance Cartoonist and Illustrator based in the United Kingdom. Having always been creative, Russell is mainly self-taught, but he has also taken evening classes at three London colleges, where he has learnt the finer points of Illustrating and Cartooning.


Over the years, Russell has sold his work to the public through craft fairs at London’s Covent Garden and Greenwich Markets. In 2011 Russell decided to go freelance and turn his lucrative hobby into a full-blown career.


Since then he hasn’t looked back.

His most recent work was on a series of hilarious illustrations (including the cover art) for Margaret McMillan’s humorous travel book Travels With My Poobag (Memoirs of an Unlikely Explorer), published by The Famous Seamus Publishing Company in 2018.

illustrated book cover




illustrated book cover

Travels With My Poobag