The Tour of The Mischief Maker


In the dark recesses of night, in a remote wood, through the mystical haze steps a burly silhouette holding aloft a magical pen and paper.  That man is Simon Maree, author of several books of paranormal fiction. His books have such an esoteric, through the looking glass quality to them that you feel he may emerge in this manner on a nightly basis, ready to frantically jot down mad stories of the paranormal and the mysterious; possibly hunched over a Victorian writing desk with feather quill in hand.

Simon writes from such a unique perspective that you feel as though you are viewing things at a slight angle to the universe. Take his book The Mischief Maker for example. The story revolves around a mother and her teenage daughter who move to Brighton after the breakup of her marriage. They soon discover that their house is already occupied by a spirit who is hell-bent on unsettling the new residents. All standard fare you may say, at least as ghost stories go. Except that the protagonist of the piece is the ghost and the story is told from his point of view. We get an insight into the unique world he occupies and opens our eyes far beyond the mundane lives we all exist in.

In another of his books; The Music the Machines Make, Simon regales us of the adventures of Charlie Musgrove, who, whilst under hypnosis to stop his smoking habit finds himself transported through time and space to a new dimension.  In his latest story; ‘Jack O’Lantern’, we meet the recently orphaned Laurel who goes to live with her grandmother in a remote village. Soon she finds herself embroiled in a terrifying world that she never knew existed.

All his stories are brimming with his unique brand of humour coupled with his fascination with that which exists beyond the banal, the habitual and normal. Anyone interested in going on mad and exciting adventures and looking for a form of escapism are in for a real treat. Maybe you wish to see things from a ghosts perspective; maybe you wish to follow the adventures of a steampunk, time traveller. Perhaps tales which you thought to be little more than legend prove to be true. You’ll find it all in Simon’s fascinating stories.

Simon Maree shuns the limelight where possible but has been convinced to break free of his moorings and finally chat about his wonderful creations.

He is setting off on his tour of the country, a blog tour to be specific from 4th to 29th of June. Keep an eye and an ear out for updates on our website and our facebook and twitter pages.

Simon Maree Goes on Tour is coming to get you and you certainly don’t want to miss it.



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