Simon Maree

Simon Maree is half Irish / half South African, so he only ever had three options really: Rugby, Alcoholism or Witchcraft. And he has dabbled in all three.

He is a veteran of the punk rock wars and still has flash backs. You weren’t there man; you can’t understand.

In his time he has been a care worker, a DJ, a security guard, and a record dealer, but he has ALWAYS been a writer.

He writes predominantly paranormal fiction. He tries to write horror but he always ends up falling for his monsters, so he is basically constantly rewriting ‘Frankenstein’. Either that or his sense of humour takes over and it turns into a full-blown comedy.

Maree’s previous work, ‘The Music the Machines Make’ is a steampunk parody set in an alternative reality (largely so that he wouldn’t have to do any research and could easily answer awkward questions). Simon new novel ‘The Mischief Maker’ is a ghost story with a difference. It’s protagonist and narrator is a witty, urbane and misunderstood poltergeist, who is falling hard for his latest focus.

Simon Maree does not enjoy talking about himself in the third person.