Write what thou wilt!

(Although legibility will improve your chances no end)

Seriously though, we don’t stand on ceremony here, and won’t lose sleep (or potential writers) over things like formats and spacing at the initial stages of contact and development.

Send your manuscripts by e-mail to

Submission Guidelines


We will publish novels/novellas of any length if they grab our interest.

Short Stories:

We have a limit of 5000 words on short stories. If you have something incredible that spurts forth at word 4999, then please regard the above as a guideline only and do not stop your creative flow.


We welcome poems of any length.


We intend to publish multimedia anthologies in the near future, and appropriate art will be considered. By ‘appropriate’ we mean appropriate to us, which means probably pretty damned inappropriate to most people.


Whist non-fiction is not our speciality,we will certainly consider non-fiction pieces that we feel are relevant to our ethos.