The Mischief Maker



He’s just a soul whose intentions are good… Oh Lord, please don’t let him be misunderstood…

Joe has a problem. He is falling in love with his new housemate. Nothing unusual there, except for Joe is a poltergeist and this sort of thing just shouldn’t happen. Joe is suffering an existential crisis of no small proportion.

The object of his misguided affections – a feisty and self-assured teenager named Harriet. Will he be able to save her from something much darker than himself that lurks in the shadows of the Brighton house they share? Will she be able to help him on his newfound quest for redemption?


See what readers are saying about ‘The Mischief Maker’:

“A refreshing take on a poltergeist story with two brilliant main characters. The story has some brilliant pop culture references and the plot moves along nicely.”  – Review on Amazon

“What a lovely and refreshing take on the Poltergeist theme! I won’t be a spoiler and reveal the plot except to say that our hero, Harriet, isn’t your typical haunted teenager! A must-read for anyone who loves their music and their films, laced with a bit of the supernatural and humour!”  – Review on Amazon

“This book was unbelievably good. I don’t give a lot of 5 star reviews but this book deserves all 5 and more.” – Review on Amazon

The Mischief Maker



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